Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hey, I'm new in here. I don't really understand about blog, but well.. I will learn about it. I got inspired by my friend. I just wanna to say thank you to him, he helped me and make me yap little bit understand about blog. Well I'm just a little girl who always busy with homeworks, school, and problems. But it's not problem to have some problems because everything in this world makes sense. I proud to be me although that many people hate me. Hmm, I just spending my whole day with online and chatting. But it's just make me feel boring sometimes. I wanna go hang out, but really it makes none sense if I go hang out alone, all I need for holiday is friends. And by the way I love art, but.. really, I never can draw and to do everything that related to art, whatever. Hmm, why don't we talk about favorite song? I really love maroon 5's, One Direction's and Taylor Swift's songs. I don't know why but I really love it, the songs sound great and amazing, but I love "when I was your man" too. This is song by Bruno Mars, really like it! hmm, well I confused what I should write down here and I think it's enough for the first post, I'll post some posts later. See ya..