Wednesday, 17 April 2013

is Freddie Highmore my future or your future?

Freddie Highmore, everybody knows him. He's cute and handsome, everybody knows it too.  But well he's really famous yap popular since he was a kid. Do you know movie titled charlie and the chocolate factory? This movie already played on TV by one of the stations television in Indonesia. I don't know why I just really want to meet him someday. I really like him when he played at "the art of getting by" with Emma Roberts. In that movie he played as George Zinavoy. One sentence that I remember from that movie is "We live alone, We die alone. Everything else is just an illusion" I think that's sentence is true. But really he's really cute too in "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" he played as Charlie Bucket. I found another quotes from this movie. "Nothing is Impossible" Yap, right! So it's not impossible if Mr. Highmore be my future, right? Or him for your future? Or maybe...well another girl?

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